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Buying property in Kerala

KeralaListings provides a unique way of doing property transaction in Kerala. It saves time and money, both for the buyer and seller. The price of a property is its value to the buyer. The wider the reach, better are the prospects of finding the best buyer for your property. In turn, the buyer gets the biggest choice of property which can reduce his total cost. Moreover there is absolutely no fee/brokerage for the buyer. Imagine all the property information available to the buyer with just a phone call to our Contact Centre. You will be surprised to find out how easily you can narrow down your search and find the property of your specifications. What it used to take many months of searching, will now take only a few hours or days.

Buying newly constructed properties - Direct developer price policy
You will find a large collection of apartments from various builders. Search for the one that meets your specifications. All the specifications and content including price details are provided by the respective developers. The prices given are indicative and may vary. Direct developer prices apply in all cases. However, KeralaListings tries to get negotiated deals for its customers. There is no brokerage or service charge to be given for any properties purchased using KeralaListings.com. Post sale support is provided for all newly constructed properties purchased through KeralaListings.com

Buying properties listed by property owners or KeralaListings.com marketing service.

Here again the listed person can be contacted directly from the property (land, villa, commercial listings etc) listing page. Either an email enquiry can be done, or a direct phone call can be made. Please note that all
Sellers may not be using e-mails and if a response is not received in a couple of day’s time, a direct phone call is recommended. If any sold out property is found in our database, kindly let us know so that we may remove that listing.

Call our contact numbers for any assistance. Also see Things to know while buying property in Kerala

Happy property buying!


Sell your property paying only listing fee Get maximum potential customers for your property. Get enquiries through phone or e-mail. Option for confidential listing to protect your privacy.