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      Houses and Villas in Kerala are on the high for living and for investment. The privacy of houses and villas attract people. House / Villa in construction in Kerala vary from traditional nalukettu style to cost effective low cost construction. The old tiled roof construction is still liked by many due its suitability to Kerala climatic conditions. Villas, independent residential units with separate compound wall and courtyard, normally constructed by builders within a township are also popular.

While the modern style of architecture is more and more adopted, it is not because the traditional styles lack intrinsic benefits. Traditional style Kerala houses use materials which are more readily available in Kerala with abundant use of wood. Building units with Reinforce Concrete (RC) structures are easy to build and maintain than traditional houses. Perhaps this is the only reason modern styles are most often preferred to traditional styles. Apart from these RC structures makes it possible to create shapes which may not be practical with traditional style. Many new houses try to adopt some of the styles of the traditional houses in their construction. It remains to be seen whether the modern style of architecture will completely replace the traditional Kerala style houses and villas in the future or an amalgamation of the two styles would emerge.


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